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Home improvements for increasing the value of your property

We can provide consultation including cost and preliminary designs and liaising with all public bodies. If you are thinking of selling a piece of land or a property then why not give us a call and see what we can do to help you realise the potential value of your property.


When coming to sell your house, you always want to make it more appealing and get the most amount of money out of the sale. There are many ways to do this, ranging from decorating to extensions. Most people trying to sell their house may want to do cheap options, such as maintenance, for example. New facia,guttering, new roof with insulation, change out dated windows, new driveways, opening up walls or re-arranging walls, painting and changing facade of the house. Try not to install new kitchens and bathrooms as the new owners may not like what you like. On many occasions, customers have had the new kitchens/bathrooms stripped out, so save you money and let the new oners decide what style they like.

Investing in your property

If your looking to buy or sell a property in a few years to make a good investment then here is a good tip to help.

Most people underestimate a great free resource and that is the estate agents, they know what sells and how much for. Even before buying a house, when viewing ask the estate agents what's the most expensive house on the street. Ask what that house that yours doesn't, whether it has a garage,more bedrooms and more bathrooms etc. Once you have your answers you can decide which improvements you may need to do, to get that higher sale price. Depending on your budget you can do one of these improvements or all, but make sure the value is there so you get the best R.O.I.